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Amihan - Norh-Est Monsoon 0

Full Power Amihan now!

Amihan, the fresh north-east monsoon is now blowing at full strength. Embedded within this strong air-stram is a cold front. This front is marked by the cloud band starting between the Philippines and Taiwan...

Oceanjet with Camiguin 1

New Ferry Schedules in the Bohol Sea

Michèle from the Camiguin Action Geckos just informed us that: SuperShuttleFerry sails only MON/WED/FRI from Balbagon (Camiguin) to Jagna Bohol) and back Current active phone number for inquiries and booking: 088 387 40 34...

Tangub Hot Spring on Camiguin Island 2

Tangub Hot Spring on Camiguin Island

The Tangub Hot Spring is one of the best kept secrets in Camiguin. Everybody has heard of it but only few people do know the exact place. We asked fishermen to bring us there and they...

The Lanzones are ripe and so sweet 0

The Lanzones are ripe and so sweet

Sorry, yesterday we could not work because the electricity had been cut between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm. So we went on a little trip up in the mountains just above Yumbing. Looking up...

What’s up with SEAIR? 0

What’s up with SEAIR?

Does SEAIR not fly anymore to Camiguin? Over a month ago our guests from France got stuck in Mambajao because their SEAIR flight was canceled. The next flight 3 days later was also canceled....

An unexpected experience 0

An unexpected experience

… or how a problem can lead to a discovery. Getting back from Bohol to Camiguin we took a van in Tagbilaran to reach the port in Jagna. Arriving in Jagna, we found no...

“Patsada” means enchanting 0

“Patsada” means enchanting

Silent Gardens is happy to inform you about Suzy and Ralph’s Patsada Cottages in Camiguin. What you should know: A real tropical hillside paradise, more than 8.000sqm of lush flower, fruit & palm gardens,...

Camiguin News 0

Camiguin News

CAMIGUIN NEWS We heard that: 1) There will be a new ferry connection between Cagayan de Oro and Mambajao. This will be a fast ferry doing the trip in 2.5 hours. The opening of...

Camiguin: Costal Highway open again 0

Camiguin: Costal Highway open again

On April 19 we informed that the national highway in Camiguin is interrupted. Please see here  The coastal Highway (ring road) is now open again. There are still works on the slope of Old...

Ferry Link Bohol – Camiguin 0

Ferry Link Bohol – Camiguin

One picture says more than 1000 words: Unfortunately the fare has already been adjusted to PHP 350.00 The trip takes  4 hours or more because the rather slow ferry. 

Mayon is definitely a “she”! 0

Mayon is definitely a “she”!

Volcanoes do have a sex. Grumbling Mount Hibok-Hibok is rather male. Looking always with his white and gray beard over Camiguin Island. But Mayon is definitely a female. She is nearly always hiding her...

Interview with MTV at Pasig City 0

Interview with MTV at Pasig City

Today I was invited for an interview by MTV Philippines at Pasig City. I’ll inform you when the clip will be on air, so you can watch your blogger at your telly . We...

Sunburn on White Island 0

Sunburn on White Island

The white sands of the Philippine beaches like the ones on White Island reflect the sun. This is why you MUST wear the MANDATORY 3 PIECE SWIMMSUIT: 1) HAT 2) SUNGLASSES 3) SUNSCREEN If...

The Giant Clams Nursery of Cantaan (Camiguin) 1

The Giant Clams Nursery of Cantaan (Camiguin)

Nestled in a cove near Cantaan is a beautiful beach with white sand, the Kabila White Beach. This beach facing Mindanao is already a surprise. But actually the real surprise is the Giant Clam...

Camiguin – the paradise island 0

Camiguin – the paradise island

We have added a new island – CAMIGUIN – to our Island-Hopping page. Come and visit Camiguin here.

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