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Fraudulent Use of Tickets

Cebu Pacific Air warns about Fraudulent Use of Tickets and Presentation of Falsified Documents! Crazy things happen in the Philippines. We cite the article published on Cebu Pacific Air’s website. CEB Advisory Fraudulent Use...


Flight Delays in NAIA – a little hope

Passengers flying from and to Manila’s NAIA encounter every day Flight Delays. After the Cebu Pacific disaster during Christmas season 2014, the House Committee on Transportation has passed the Air Passenger Bill of Rights (APBR)...

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Cebu Pacific Air react on fine

Cebu Pacific Air, Philippines’ biggest Low Cost Carrier (LCC) reiterated that it provides compensation to passengers with flight delays of three hours or more, as well as flight cancellations due to causes within the...

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Confusing Cebu Pacific Air

Cebu Pacific Air confuses travelers. Friends wanted to come to Camiguin. They wanted to come on Thursday and leave next Tuesday. Cebu Pacific Air is the only company flying to Camiguin. So they tried to...

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NAIA-4 goes international

NAIA-4 had been known for a long time under the name “Old Domestic Terminal”. Some years ago, Cebu Pacific Air, SEAIR and Asian Spirit operated from this terminal. Now NAIA-4 goes international. Cebu Pacific...

5J Butuan 1

Airbus in the mud

Saturday morning an Airbus A319 of Cebu Pacific Air got stuck in mud at the edge of the runaway at the Butuan Bancasi Airport (BXU/RPME). Flight 5J-220 failed to take off because its front...

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