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WARNING: Do not subscribe to SMART 21

WARNING: Do not subscribe to SMART

While the Philippines are getting out of the 3rd world zone and begin to be an emerging country, their biggest telecom company, SMART, behaves like a colonial 3rd world company. WARNING: SMART promises services they do...

SMARTbro = SMARTmess 2

SMARTbro = SMARTmess

About two years ago I subscribed to SMARTbro post paid for 995 pesos per month. Until October last year I got my monthly bill by a guy who brought it to my house and...

G3 or G4 or G-what? 0

G3 or G4 or G-what?

SMART and GLOBE, the two big telecom companies in the Philippines promise wonders to the Internet surfers. G4 or LTE is the name of the new miraculous technology.   SMART and GLOBE say, you...

Traveling office and Internet 0

Traveling office and Internet

Traveling and working is an easy task in the Philippines. All you need is a laptop computer and a cell-phone. SMART, the largest telecoms operator within the Philippines offers GPRS connections even with your...

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