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2012 Northwest Pacific Typhoon Season (click to enlarge) 0

2012 Typhoon Season

Until October 24 all typhoons passed by but did not hit the Philippines. Among these passers-by were 3 super typhoons: GUCHOL/Butchoy in June, SANBA/Karen and JELAWAT/Lawin in September. Then came 3 killer typhoons: SON-TINH/Ofel on October 24, BOPHA/Pablo...

Weather 2012-09-26 0

Super-Typhoon “JELAWAT / Lawin” again stronger

Super-Typhoon “JELAWAT / Lawin” got again stronger. Its core pressure went down to 895 hPa.  The Super Typhoon is now moving Northwest at 11 km/h and continues to move closer to the Cagayan-Batanes area. 24...

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