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Weather 2015-10-17 0

Typhoon KOPPU/Lando now Category 3

Typhoon KOPPU/Lando gained strength and is now a Typhoon Category 3. The cyclone has slowly approached the Philippines and is now 285 km East of Baler, Aurora. It moves westward at 10 km/h. The...

Typhoon NOUL/Dodong 2015-05-09 0

Typhoon NOUL/Dodong – off Bicol

Typhoon NOUL/Dodong is now off the coast of Bicol and has been upgraded to a Category 3 Typhoon. The cyclone has gained a little bit of strength when it moved on a generally northwesterly track.  Here in...

Typhoon NOUL/Dodong 2015-05-08 0

Typhoon NOUL/Dodong almost Cat. 3

Typhoon NOUL/Dodong has continued its approach to the Philippine islands as predicted. The cyclone got stronger but a bit smaller. Its current diameter is estimated at 640 km. Upgrade to category 3 will happen...

The eye 0

Typhoon NURI/Paeng – the Eye

Typhoon NURI/Paeng is just now developing its eye. You can witness this genesis watching our 24 hours satellite loops. Typhoon NURI/Paeng develops extremely fast over the warm waters of the Philippine Sea. It has already reached...

Typhoon UTOR / Labuyo 2013-08-12 0

Typhoon UTOR / Labuyo now crossing over northern Luzon

Typhoon  UTOR / Labuyo weakens after it made landfall over Casiguran, Aurora early this morning. Stormy weather will continue throughout the day across Northern Luzon. Its outer rainbands will continue to affect Central Luzon including Metro Manila. The...

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