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Rainy Season Philippines 0

Rainy Season Philippines

Today the Rainy Season Philippines has officially started. But this belongs only to the northern part of the country – mainly Luzon. The winds are finally turning. PAGASA has officially declared the onset of rainy season....

Batangas Weather sample 1

Frustrating weather

No, no, weather had been sunny and friendly today in Camiguin. We had lunch at Casa Rocca with Evelyn and Jim, Gwen and Rob. Everything had been really fine. I am speaking of weather...

Sanba / Karen 2012-09-12 1

Nasty weather but no particular danger

Tropical storm and soon typhoon Sanba / Karen is heading northwards. It will not make landfall in the Philippines but its outer rain-bands and  peripheral winds bring nasty weather to the Visayas and later...

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