Tourism statistics January to September 2011

Visitors arrival Jan-Sep 2011

The Philippines Department of Tourism has published the visitors statistics for the first 9 months of 2011.

They write:

Visitor arrivals for the first nine months of 2011 aggregated to 2,887,715 registering a 12.02% increase over last year’s arrivals of 2,577,775. The consistent positive growth rates in visitor arrivals from January to September augurs well to the tourism industry with the month of July providing the biggest volume of 360,784 while the months of February and January recorded the highest growth of 18.52% and 17.31%, respectively. It could be noted that except for the months of March and May, all the months   recorded double-digit growth rates.
Visitors Arrival September 2011

The East Asian region maintained its position as the largest contributor of arrivals, accounting for 47.31% of the overall traffic base. This region posted an increase of 17.27% from its output of 1,165,072 the previous year to 1,366,301 arrivals this year.

Top 10

The Korean market led all markets as it contributed the biggest arrivals of 686,901 during the period. It shared 23.79% to total inbound traffic and registered an increase of 29.11%. The U.S. market comprised the second biggest arrivals for the period numbering 466,767 and sharing 16.16% to total visitor volume. This market grew by 4.73% compared to its contribution of 445,679 a year ago. The Japanese market contributed the third biggest arrivals of 286,588 comprising 9.92% of the total inbound traffic.

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