Tridacna Superstar in Camiguin

Tridacna crocea

“Tridacna crocea” is one of the giant clams growing in the waters around Camiguin island. The giant clams nursery at Kabila White Beach in Cantaan is breeding this astonishing clam in basins and protect their growing environment in a clams sanctuary near the shore.

Tridacna crocea

Our website “” now gets more and more inquiries for “Tridacna crocea”. Researchers around the world seem to have discovered this unique symbiosis. The request to buy those clams go from 10 animals to a thousand.

The most interesting scientific project is the one of Miguel Mies of the Oceanographic Institute of the University of São Paulo, Brazil.

Miguel Mies and his team are investigating the moment, when the symbiosis between the molluscs and the flagellae happens. The Tridacna crocea live in symbiosis with photosynthetic dinoflagellate algae (Symbiodinium) that grow in the mantle tissues. The big question is: When do the two animals join?

Interested in their project? Read this: Aquaculture Research Link 

Here are some juvenile clams from Kabila White Beach in Cantaan, Camiguin:

 Juvenile Tridacna, Cantaan, Camiguin

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