Tropical Depression “Gorio” is developing

Gorio at 06:00 on 2013-06-28

Two days ago a Low Pressure Area (LPA) started to hover east of Mindanao. It did nearly not move but its pressure decreased from 1010 hPa to 1004 hPa. Still remaining some 500 km to the east of Surigao, the LPA is now a Tropical Depression. PAGASA attributed the name “Gorio”.

Gorio at 06:00 on 2013-06-28

At 4:00 a.m. today, the center of Tropical Depression “Gorio” was estimated  at 500 km East of Surigao City (9.5°N, 130.4°E).

It is mowing northwest at 7 km/h.

Maximum winds  near the center at 45km/h. 

At 6:00 we have a thunderstorm in Camiguin. Rain is moderate. 

Next update around noon today.

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