Tropical Storm HAGUPIT is intensifying

Tropical Storm HAGUPIT on 2014-12-02

Tropical Storm HAGUPIT (upgradet from TD 22W) is intensifying. At 8:45 a.m. this morning the storm was running west at 35 km/h. This storm is a menace for the Philippines.


Tropical Storm HAGUPIT will reach the Philippines as a typhoon between December 6 and 8 (next weekend). Get prepared now!

Tropical Storm HAGUPIT

 Tropical Storm HAGUPIT on 2014-12-02

The 24 hours satellite IR image loop shows the concentration of Tropical Storm HAGUPIT. All vectors poibt towards the Philippines.

JMA assigns a high forward speed

JMA, the Japan Meteorological Agencies measures a forward speed of already 35 km/h. The predicted central pressure is dropping much faster than expected yesterday. JMA expects a pressure of 975 hPa for coming Friday. Winds are expected to be 110 km/h near the center and gusts may be up to 155 km/h.

Weather 2014-12-02

 US Navy expects much stronger winds

The JTWC (Joint Typhoon Warning Center) expects wind speeds of 105 kts = 195 km/h and gusts up to 130 kts = 240 km/h early on December 6 (Philippines Standard Time)


 Tropical Storm HAGUPIT landfall area

It is still to early to predict the area where the future Typhoon HAGUPIT will make landfall. The different meteorological agencies still differ by about 100 miles. But it seems that the Typhoon will hit somewhere between northern Surigao and Samar.

Hagupit Landfall

We now monitor the future Typhoon HAGUPIT very closely. With every hour of forward movement the forecasts will become more reliable. We expect to publish our next outlook end of this afternoon.

Do not forget to be prepared otherwise you may prepare to get forgotten!


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