Turmoil at MidSea Express

MidSea Express, the small Cebu based airline seems to encounter problems.

Not only that MidSea  does not operate on some announced routes (e.g. Cebu – Bislig)  but they are also announcing on their website a lay down of 3 days from February 25 to 27. 

Today we got a confidential information that there are disputes on executive level.
We therefore strongly recommend to contact MidSea Express if you have an already booked flight or plan to book a flight in the near future.

Please call either +63 (0) 32 512-4241 or  +63 (0) 32 495-6976 to know more about your flight.


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2 Responses

  1. bracky says:

    I think there is misinformation being spread out here regarding midsea express.Midsea express properly announced the 3-day no flights on the 25-27 feb due to maintenance and aircraft inspection. And there is no truth that it is not flying cebu-bislig as announced,it is currently flying the said route since 15 feb 12. There is no conflict happening,only that there are agents not paying the sold tickets which the management is pursuing.This is so unfair to MidSEA.

  2. waebi says:

    Hello “bracky”,

    Your comment comes a bit late – 3 weeks too late!

    We are supporters of Midsea-Express and bring them many customers.

    But we also track their activities.
    There had been problems on management level. The respective letters of the involved officers are in our possession.
    You seem to know more. You write: “there are agents not paying the sold tickets which the management is pursuing”. We would like to know what really happened. Can you help?
    The announced route to Bislig went operational 3 days after our post.

    Best regards.
    Your Silent Gardens team

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