Two typhoons and 200 cancelled flights – what a mess!

Haima/Lawin - Two typhoons

Two typhoons SARIKA/Karen and HAIMA/Lawin in a row and 200 cancelled flights today make air and sea trips difficult.

Typhoon SARIKA/Karen crossed over northern Luzon last night and is now leaving from La Union. The second typhoon HAIMA/Lawin is still out of PAR (Philippine Area of Responsibility) but its forecast track points also towards northern Luzon. HAIMA/Lawin should pass more north. This second typhoon has the potential to become a Super Typhoon on October 19. The centre of the storm will then be 16°00′ North and 126°50′ East. This position lays 512km east of Casiguran.

Two typhoons

Haima/Lawin - Two typhoons

Cancelled Flights


Z20320 Manila-Tacloban
Z20350/Z20351 Manila-Tagbilaran-Manila
Z20324 Manila-Tacloban
Z20763 Manila-Cebu
Z20426/0427 Manila-Puerto Princesa-Manila
Z20300 Manila-Kalibo
Z2780/781 Cebu-Manila-Cebu
Z20711 Manila-Kalibo
Z20611 Manila-Davao
Z20432 Manila-Puerto Princesa
Z20424 Manila-Puero Princesa


PR1808 Davao-Manila
PR1820 Davao-Manila
PR1866 Cebu-Manila
PR453/454 Manila-Gensan-Manila
PR1853/1854 Manila-Cebu-Manila
PR1811/1812 Manila-Davao-Manila
PR1813/1814 Manila-Davao-Manila
PR1809/1810 Manila-Davao-Manila
PR2139/2140 Manila-Iloilo-Manila
PR2141/2142 Manila-Iloilo-Manila
PR2519/2520 Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila
PR2521/2522 Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila
PR2841/2842 Manila-Cebu-Manila
PR2849/2850 Manila-Cebu-Manila
PR2836 Cebu-Manila
PR2845/2846 Manila-Cebu-Manila
PR2889/2890 Manila-Ozamiz-Manila
PR2959/2960 Manila-Cotabato-Manila
PR2981/2982 Manila-Tacloban-Manila
PR2925/2926 Manila-Legaspi-Manila
PR2993/2994 Manila-Zamboanga-Manila
PR2545/2546 Manila-Dumaguete-Manila
PR2203/2204 Manila-Roxas-Manila
PR2969/2970 Manila-Kalibo-Manila
PR2967/2968 Manila-Butuan-Manila
PR2557/2558 Manila-Dipolog-Manila
PR2781/2782 Manila-Puerto Princesa-Manila
PR2557/2558 Manila-Dipolog-Manila
PR2773/2774 Manila-Tagbilaran-Manila
PR2835 Manila-Cebu
PR2129/2130 Manila-Bacolod-Manila
PR2131/2132 Manila-Bacolod-Manila
PR2084/2805 Manila-Basco-Manila
PR2039/2040 Manila-Caticlan-Manila
PR2059/2060 Manila-Caticlan-Manila
PR2071/2072 Manila-Calbayog-Manila
PR2043/2044 Manila-Caticlan-Manila
PR2021/2022 Manila-Masbate-Manila
PR2265/2266 Manila-Naga-Manila
PR2079/2080 Manila-Catarman-Manila
PR2031/2032 Manila-Busuanga-Manila
PR422/421 Manila-Haneda-Manila
PR730/731 Manila-Bangkok-Manila
PR300/301 Manila-Hongkong-Manila
PR896 Manila-Taipei-Kansai
PR897 (Oct.17) Kansai-Taipei -Manila
PR428/427 Manila-Narita-Manila
PR318/319 Manila-Hongkong-Manila
PR511/502 Manila-Singapore-Manila
PR507/508 Manila-Singapore-Manila
PR1815/1816 Manila-Singapore-Manila
PR466/467 Manila-Incheon-Manila
PR720/721 Manila-London-Manila
PR382/383 Manila-Canton-Manila
PR358/359 Manila-Peking-Manila
PR215/216 Manila-Port Moresby-Manila
PR469 Incheon-Manila
PR306 Incheon-Manila
PR111 Guam-Manila
PR897 Taipei-Manila
PR510 Singapore-Manila
PR737 Bangkok-Manila
PR311 Hongkong-Manila
PR222 Darwin-Manila
PR419 Pusan-Manila


5J471/472 Manila – Bacolod – Manila
5J473/474 Manila – Bacolod – Manila
5J483/484 Manila – Bacolod – Manila
5J485/486 Manila – Bacolod – Manila
5J487 Manila – Bacolod
5J929/930 Manila – Bangkok – Manila
5J785/786 Manila – Butuan – Manila
5J787/788 Manila – Butuan – Manila
5J379/380 Manila – Cagayan de Oro – Manila
5J381/382 Manila – Cagayan de Oro – Manila
5J383/384 Manila – Cagayan de Oro – Manila
5J391/392 Manila – Cagayan de Oro – Manila
5J397/398 Manila – Cagayan de Oro – Manila
5J385 Manila – Cagayan de Oro
5J196/197 Manila – Cauayan – Manila
5J553/562 Manila – Cebu – Manila
5J561/554 Manila – Cebu – Manila
5J563/564 Manila – Cebu – Manila
5J567/568 Manila – Cebu – Manila
5J555 Manila – Cebu
5J565 Manila – Cebu
5J887/888 Manila – Cotabato – Manila
5J955 Manila – Davao
5J959 Manila – Davao
5J961/962 Manila – Davao – Manila
5J963 Manila – Davao
5J975 Manila – Davao
5J703/704 Manila – Dipolog – Manila
5J623/624 Manila – Dumaguete – Manila
5J625/626 Manila – Dumaguete – Manila
5J989 Manila – General Santos
5J991/992 Manila – General Santos – Manila
5J995 Manila – General Santos
5J101/102 Manila – Guam – Manila
5J108/109 Manila – Hong Kong – Manila
5J110/111 Manila – Hong Kong – Manila
5J447 Manila – Iloilo
5J451/452 Manila – Iloilo – Manila
5J453/454 Manila – Iloilo – Manila
5J457/458 Manila – Iloilo – Manila
5J321/322 Manila – Legazpi – Manila
5J323/324 Manila – Legazpi – Manila
5J325/326 Manila – Legazpi – Manila
5J327/328 Manila – Legazpi – Manila
5J5054/5055 Manila – Narita – Manila
5J781/782 Manila – Ozamiz – Manila
5J771/772 Manila – Pagadian – Manila
5J773/774 Manila – Pagadian – Manila
5J635/636 Manila – Puerto Princesa – Manila
5J637/638 Manila – Puerto Princesa – Manila
5J643/644 Manila – Puerto Princesa – Manila
5J373/374 Manila – Roxas – Manila
5J513/514 Manila – San Jose – Manila
5J813/814 Manila – Singapore – Manila
5J649/650 Manila – Tacloban – Manila
5J659/660 Manila – Tacloban – Manila
5J617/618 Manila – Tagbilaran – Manila
5J619/620 Manila – Tagbilaran – Manila
5J621/622 Manila – Tagbilaran – Manila
5J504/505 Manila – Tuguegarao – Manila
5J506/507 Manila – Tuguegarao – Manila
5J821/822 Manila – Virac – Manila
5J851/852 Manila – Zamboanga – Manila
5J857/858 Manila – Zamboanga – Manila
5J580/581 Cebu – Manila – Cebu
5J550 Cebu – Manila
5J590 Cebu – Manila
5J150/149 Clark – Hong Kong – Clark
5J537/538 Clark – Singapore – Clark
5J960 Davao – Manila
5J468 Iloilo – Manila

Cebgo Flights

DG6043/6044 Manila – Busuanga – Manila
DG6051/6052 Manila – Busuanga – Manila
DG6223/6224 Manila – Caticlan – Manila
DG6227/6228 Manila – Caticlan – Manila
DG6233/6234 Manila – Caticlan – Manila
DG6225 Manila – Caticlan
DG6241 Manila – Caticlan
DG6243 Manila – Caticlan
DG6113/6114 Manila – Naga – Manila
DG6273 Caticlan – Cebu
DG6236 Caticlan – Manila


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