Typhoon SOULIK/07W now Category 4

Weather 2013-07-10 Typhoon SOULIK/07W now Category 4

Typhoon SOULIK/07W has extremely increased its strength during the night and is now a Typhoon Cat. 4. The typhoon’s eye is now permanently visible and is very large. The forecast track has not changed.

Weather 2013-07-10 Typhoon SOULIK/07W now Category 4

JMA indicates the storm’s intensity as “Very Strong” going towards “Violent”
Core pressure is now 935 hPa and will go down to 915 hPa
Direction and speed of movement is WNW (West-Northwest) at 20km/h (12kt)
Maximum wind speed near the center 45m/s(90kt) gusts go up to 45m/s(90kt)

There is no change in forward movement direction. For instance only the extreem northern islands of the Batanes group will get some stiff winds. The rest of the Philippines will not be touched.

For animated satellite pictures please see our new, not yet official weather page Link

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