Typhoon VONGFONG / Ompong – Category 4

Weather 2014-10-07

Typhoon VONGFONG / Ompong has been upgraded to Category 4. Late this morning it started to create a well visible open eye. Typhoon VONGFONG / Ompong is still moving westward at a speed of 25 km/h. Wind speed near the center is 157 km/h gusts are up to 222 km/h. 

This morning Typhoon VONGFONG entered PAR (Philippines Area of Responsibility). PAGASA attributed the local name of “Ompong”. This typhoon should not touch the Philippine islands, but will strongly influence local weather.

Weather 2014-10-07Multiple agency track courtesy of typhoon2000.ph

Weather 2014-10-07 Weather 2014-10-07


In both 24 hour satellite loops the developing eye is well visible. The typhoon’s suction is also visible. The clouds are quickly drifting in from west. Meanwhile the southwest monsoon called Habagat has stalled. Preliminary streams of cooler air are flowing in from mainland China. This air stream announces the change to the Amihan season.


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