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Ruby Ann Kagaoan-Calo

Ruby Ann Kagaoan-Calo:

Ruby Ann Kagaoan-Calo
I was classically trained in piano playing and singing. I have a Business Management degree from the Ateneo de Manila University, where I was a college scholar. I’ve been a professional writer since I was 17 years old, when my play won in the Cultural Center of the Philippines Playwriting Contest.
I am a published author and book editor, and as an Author and Book Editor I am registered with the National Book Development Board. I developed Reading Workshops for all ages and have been conducting these workshops in various schools since 2004.
I authored the English textbook series entitled “Mastering Grammar: The Functions of Words.” I edited 3 books of Marketing guru Dr. Ned Roberto: “Strategic Market Segmentation,” “Socio-Economic Classification of Consumers,” and “How to Make Local Governance Work.”
I edited and co-authored “The Fund Raiser’s Guide to Fund Raising.” I co-authored “100 Ways to Live the Word,” and in this coffee-table book I was the writer of President Corazon Aquino, among other Filipino leaders and key personalities whom I wrote about.

Ruby Ann Kagaoan-Calo is a very active blogger. She can be found in:


[Editor’s comment:] Ruby Ann Kagaoan-Calo is a modern Filipina with deep roots. Read her opinions. Even if you do not agree with everything she writes, it gives you a deep insight in the modern Philippines.

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2 Responses

  1. Yes, that’s me. 🙂 ~ Ruby

  2. Kevin Chen says:

    Hi ByAnn, saw your name incidentally on web site. How are you? I can see you are apparently very active from further search on web under curiosity. Be a writer, some music activities I believe. And, to my surprise, you get involved in motorcycle sport. Fortune is so amazing, is it? Anyway, best wish to you.

    Kevin Chen

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