With a little help

With a little help

With a little help from my friends – who does not know this song by the Beatles and wonderfully performed by Joe Cocker. We from Silent Gardens help a bit almost every day. Today had been an extremely busy day.

Sunbird youngster

It started yesterday. First we had a young sunbird flying in our living room. The little guy lost orientation because of the roof window. He tried to fly out to the light, but there was no escape.

He stayed up on the board of the window all night. Maybe he got a little nap. This morning Butch could block him on another close window and I coud carry the little guy out to one of our flowering Hibiscus plants. After about 15 minutes breath taking two adult sunbirds flew in and led the youngster away. Parents? We don’t know.

You may also want tor read our February blog entry: Camiguin – the Sunbirds are nesting.


Lost passports and more

Almost all of the pages in the Silent-Gardens website have a feedback & inquiry form. This form is used 5 to 10 times per day. Yesterday and today it had been extremely busy.

We get a lot of inquiries about flights, airports and visa. They can be tricky or need some research of our team. We also get a lot of inquiries about bus and ferry schedules and tariffs. These ones we often cannot satisfy because the information simply does not exist.

Some samples of today:

Message: Dear Sir/madam I flew April 27 early morning via china eastern and I pay my travel tax and they ask my old passport and when I pay n they return my passport they gave me only my new passport and my old passport they did not return?? I just realized when I reach my final destination in JFK as i was looking for it?? Please check and let me know how can I get it back as I need them badly.

Had been difficult to keep this guy’s moral over the water-line. We followed him and finally he found his old passport in his luggage. He simply had been too exhausted after the long trip.

Another one:

Message: Hi, My friend will be visiting to CdeO from Australia. He has two lay-overs, one in NAIA 2 and one in Cebu-Mactan Airport before finally arriving at Laguindingan Airport. Can you please instruct us about the complete procedureafter landing in NAIA 2? Thanks

We also could help this “customer”. The solution showed up to be rather simple. He had been disturbed by talks about terminal fees, travel taxes and taxi transfers.  We transmitted the correct information.

And a last one:

Message: Hello! My girlfriend is coming to Manila International airport from Istambol, on 6th May at 18.30. Her flight forward to Puerto Princesa is on 7th May, at 5.50, from terminal 4. Can she stay at the airport (international or terminal 4) over night? Seh isnt use to travel a lot and she cant find herself in those situacions very well…

Also here we could help. We explained this sorrowful boyfriend what his love will have to do in NAIA and where it is better to get a short nap.

* * *

We had 11  of such inquiries today and the last one just popped up:

Ive been trying to Reach Super Shuttle (now Asian Marine Transport Corporation) about this Jagna Balbagon route, but not been able to get any response. Hoping to use it early in May. Can anyone verify with actual experience in sailing on the ferry recently? Does anyone have other contact info for the company other than Supper Shuttle Ferry 032 233 3568 0927 621 8099 Silent Gardens is a good site with lots of useful and insightful information. Thanks!

You understand that I have now to return to business. It’s 7:45 p.m. Wish you a good and hopefully cool night.  🙄


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