Women like Silent Gardens

Silent Gardens worldwide

Women like Silent Gardens! This morning we analyzed Silent Gardens to see where we can improve, what interests readers and from where our readers come. Have a look in our statistics.

Women like Silent Gardens

Women like Silent Gardens

In 46.77% of all your visits, our analytics tool could determine your gender. 58.6% of you are women! Maraming salamt po ladies.

Most of you are between 25 and 34 years young

Reader's age

Would be funny to know how many babies from 0 to 2 years watch the pictures on Silent Gardens.

Greenland is not interested

Where do you come from?

An interesting map that shows where in the world people read Silent Gardens. For us it is a big pleasure to see that Pinoys and Pinays are interested in information about their own country. On the other side Greenlanders and Mongolians are not interested in the Philippines. In some African countries, in Pakistan and Afghanistan it’s simply Internet that is missing.
It would be interesting to see the gender balance by country. But definitely: Women like Silent Gardens!

On Spitsbergen they still use voice communication

Photo courtesy of Polar Bears International A female bear?  😉

How many pages?

Silent Gardens worldwide


Usually our readers find us by searching with keywords. When they got the information they looked for, they leave Silent Gardens. The average visitor reads about 2.4 pages per session. A clear hint for us that we should introduce a section on each pages like “This could also interest you” or ” More information”. We’ll think about.

Interesting is Cameroon with the highest number of pages read during a session. Maybe it is the nearly same latitude of 2 to 12 degrees North.

Most visited pages


The winner is our Manila Departure Guide followed by our Philippines Volcanoes. 8 out of the 10 top pages are travel related. This matches perfectly our goal.

Reading and analyzing these pages is extremely interesting and useful for us. But somehow I got a bit shocked, when I saw what Google (and others) know about visitors of our website. These search engines and social media companies know a big lot about us all. It would be nice to include a selfie shooting page. We would like to know you even better.  🙄


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