Zest Air Caticlan

Zest Air has been grounded by CAAP due to safety violations!

Zest Air had encountered several air incidents and accidents in the past. 
The reasons for the suspensions are multiple.

Maybe the AirAsia take-over just put the knife between the ribs?

The requirements for obtaining and maintaining an AOC vary from country to country, but are generally defined as:

  • Sufficient personnel with the required experience for the type of operations requested,
  • Airworthy aircraft, suitable for the type of operations requested,
  • Acceptable systems for the training of crew and the operation of the aircraft (Operations Manual)
  • A quality system to ensure that all applicable regulations are followed,
  • The appointment of key accountable staff, who are responsible for specific safety critical functions such as training, maintenance and operations
  • Carriers Liability Insurance (for Airlines) – Operators are to have sufficient insurance to cover the injury or death of any passenger carried.
  • Proof that the operator has sufficient finances to fund the operation
  • The operator has sufficient ground infrastructure, or arrangements for the supply of sufficient infrastructure, to support its operations into the ports requested.
  • The certificate is held by a legal person who resides in the country or region of application
Inspectors showed continuing violations of Zest Air on air safety standards, such as:
  • No qualified Accountable Manager since July 19, 2013
  • Failure to check aircraft logs, flight manifest, weather, etc.
  • Failure to present to the CAAP the airman license (Aircraft Mechanic License) during ramp inspection
  • Series of occurrences that affected several flight operations
  • Refueling with passenger on board involving RP-C8989 on August 14, 2013
  • Excessive flight duty time case under the enforcement and legal service
[Editor’s comment]: It really looks as if CAAP has learned the lessons and has done the homework given by FAA and EASA. My sincere congratulations.  I do not need to fly from A to B for 0 (zero) Pesos. I need to fly safely – and safety is not for free!
Zest Air Caticlan

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