ZestAir maintenance ???

ZestAir Glitch

Last night we got an inquiry from a very scared ZestAir customer:

I booked on-line 4 flights with ZestAir. I could download the e-ticket, but it shows “CONFIRM” in the status. Do I have to confirm?

We did not know. Usually the status says either CONFIRMED or OK, but CONFIRM ???
So we went to the ZestAir website to see if we can query the reservation status.

But Oops, the pull-down menu had a gap and could not be used with the Opera browser (Version 11.52).
So we tried Internet Explorer (Version 9.08). Here the pull-down-menu did hide behind the advertisements.
Then we tried Chrome (Version 15.0.8) again the pull-down menu had a gap and could not be used.
Apple’s  Safari (Version 5.1) had the same problem.
And finally with FireFox (Version 8.0.1) the menu did work, but all the advertisement was folded out down the screen.

ZestAir Glitch
Here you see the menu with the selected item (hand). The arrow shows the pull-down items. You never can reach them. When you move the mouse over, then the menu disappears.

Two questions:

  1. Is there a risk that ZestAir maintains their aircrafts with the same carefulness as they maintain their website?
    If yes, then we strongly recommend to write down your last will before flying.
  2. What does mean a reservation status “CONFIRM“? Did the programmer forget the “ED” for a complete “CONFIRMED“?
    Or do they not know if the aircraft will fly and may confirm one day? Or what?

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