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Ferries in the Philippines

The only Ferry Database in the Philippines. When traveling in the Philippines, one day you will have to take a ferry. There are more than 30 ferry companies with some 150 ferries in the Philippine waters. Some trips you can book on the Internet. Other tickets you only get in the port or at a travel agency.

We do not publish schedules and fares because they change very often. For most of the companies you find a link to their website, e-mail addresses and at least a phone number.

The big round-up in December 2010, when 2Go came out of Negros Navigation and bought most of the big ferry units in the Philippines, mixed up all maritime traffic. Since then, especially the southern cities of Davao and General Santos have no ferry routes anymore.

There are ferries in very good conditions and there are ships where only the paint prevents the rust from breaking apart. There are outrigger boats (bangkas) in many tourist spots like Boracay or Caramoan. Someones of these bangkas can transport more than 50 passengers.

We strongly recommend to study the weather before sailing. Our weather pages are here. Sailing in a storm is not only uncomfortable, it can get seriously dangerous.

If you have problems with motion sickness, then buy a medicament in a local pharmacy. Most of these pills need about 30 minutes to protect you and they last 6 to 8 hours. For a longer trip you need 2 or 3 spare pills. Please consult a doctor

Ferry Routes

There are currently 193 ferry routes in our database.

2Go Aleson Aznar
CAGLI Cokaliong ElGreco
FastCat Gabisan George_Peter
GL_Lines Golden_Star Hijos
Island_Shipping Jadestar Kinswell
Lite_Shipping Maayo Maypalad
Milagrosa Montenegro OceanJet
Palacio Penafrancia Philstone
Regina Roble Santa_Clara
Starhorse Starlite Super_Shuttle
Trans-Asia Weesam


This map shows most of the current ferry routes. There is absolutely no warranty that a particular route is active.

Ferry companies change schedules without prior information. We strongly recommend to visit the ferry company's websites and/or contact them before planning a trip.

You can select the whole network of a company by checking the corresponding box. Multiple selections are possible. You may display to the company's information by clicking on the name.

A black line indicates a future route or a temporarily suspended route.

A red line indicates a shipping line that should be operational.

You may need to zoom in if you want to see all the companies plying the same route.

The needles indicate start and end points.