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Philippines Flight Status

Where is the aircraft now?


Flight Status by Airport

Click on one of the buttons to see the status of all arriving and departing flights of the corresponding airport.


   Cebu - Mactan


   Caticlan / Boracay

   Clark / Angeles

   Cagayan de Oro



Do you need another airport? Just send us a request using the feeback form at the bottom of this page.


Flight information

All flights in Philippines Airspace - realtime!

We have completely changed the Philippine Airspace Map. Since July 2014 we are member of and host an ADS-B equipment to follow the aircraft over our heads.

You can zoom the map in and out and you can move it to any location. To get information about a flight you may click on the aircraft. A line on the map then shows the origin. On the left side a window with flight information slides in.

To get information about flight schedules and status of an airport, click on the blue airport spots. You then may choos either arrival or departure. To exit this information either hit the "ESC" key of click on the X in the top right corner.

If you are a frequent flyer or need often real-time flight information, we recommend to become a premium member of FlightRadar24.

Mobile users may also want to get the app for their phone.

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