Water - Land - Air


Diving    Dive with us

The Philippines ar among the best dive spots in the world. The Philippines have a big variety of underwater creatures. And the best of all: water is warm all year over.

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Snorkeling   From the surface

Even from the surface you can observe corals, fishes and turtles. Snorkeling with a whale-shark is one of the most exciting adventures you can imagine.

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Freediving  Someones do it free

Freediving is much more than a sport. Freediving is meditation. Freediving is the most natural and serene way to explore the deep blue.

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Sailing     Wishing good wind

More than 7700 islands invite you to sail between their beaches. Most distances are short within groups of islands. Wind blows all year over.

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Surfing     Ride the waves

The Philippines offer some world-class surfing beaches. You find them from high up in the north down to well known Siargao in the south. I'd say Cloude 9!

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Windsurfing    Wind and waves meet

Windsurfing is possible almost everywhere. The best beach is Bulabog Beach on Boracay island. There a reef holds back the high waves but lets pass the wind.

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Kiteboarding    Hang on your kite

Kiteboarding is possible almost everywhere. The best beach is Bulabog Beach on Boracay island. There a reef holds back the high waves but lets pass the wind.

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Wakeboarding  CWC and more

The Camsur Watersports Complex (CWC) is known far out of the Philippines borders. Become a World Champion in Pili, the capital of Camarines Sur (Bicol).

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Rowing      Try another kind

Oxford vs. Cambridge? Try another kind of rowing. A dragon boat is much like a modern gallera. White water rafting is breath taking,

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Hiking      Hiking & Trekking

Imagine to explore the rice terraces on your own. Watch the famous volcano chain in Bicol from the top of Mount Isarog. Or challenge Mount Hibok-Hibok in Camiguin.

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Cycling On and off road

Cycling and mountain biking is one of the favorite past-times of Filipinos. Compete with friends around an island or explore rain forests on small paths.

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Golf      See you at hole 18

Playing golf in the tropics is wonderful. You need a long lunch break because it is too hot. And after hole 18 you do not need to warm up like in Scotland.

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Flying      Island hopping

Many islands in the Philippines do have an airstrip. Many of them are concrete. Why not doing "Island Hopping" in the air? Or do aerobatics with Camiguin Aviation.

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Parachuting Sky Diving

Sky Diving in the diver's paradise. There are frills up in the air and under water. Simply don't do it the same day. Your blood might boil!

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Paragliding      Outstanding & challenging

Paragliding is outstanding and challenging in the Philippines. Cumulus thermics suck you up with more than 12 m/s! It's still very warm at 6000 feet above ground.

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Ballooning      Be static!

Every year hundreds of hot air balloons meet in Pampanga province. Catch a place in a balloon and enjoy the majestetic gliding in the air.

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