Got hacked!


No, not our website, but the website of a friend here on the island. And it’s not the first time he gets hacked.

Instead of the usual welcome message, visitors got this screen:


This hacker did a tough job. Each time a visitor views a page, the background database is altered. We did our best to save what ever we could save and have set up the website on a safe server in Switzerland. Unfortunately the local Pinoy hoster is not accessible and we cannot yet redirect visitors to the new website location.

The big problem is that the hoster in Manila is not safe. And worse, they do not have their own computers but share servers in the USA. The guys over there on the other side of the Pacific have their own problems. when we tracked the hacker, we found that the attack came from inside of the hoster’s network. This does not mean that the hacker is an insider of the hoster, but that he has access to the hoster’s network.



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