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Weather 2015-10-16 0

Typhoon KOPPU/Lando brings first heavy rains

Typhoon KOPPU/Lando brings the first heavy rains to the Philippines. Winds on the north-east coast are now stronger than 30 knots (55 km/h). Big danger of landslides all over northern Luzon. Cyclone KOPPU/Lando has...

Typhoon NOUL/Dodong 2015-05-07 0

Typhoon NOUL/Dodong now Cat.1

Typhoon NOUL/Dodong has gained strength and has entered PAR. The cyclone has turned northwest and has increased forward speed to 15 – 19 km/h. GDACS has issued a RED ALERT. Global Disaster Alert and Coordination...

Weather 2014-11-02 0

Typhoon NURI/Paeng still zigzag

NURI/Paeng got typhoon strength early this morning. As a Typhoon Category 1 the directional forces aren’t yet built up. The storm center still moves on a zigzag course. Typhoon NURI/Paeng will gain further strength and become...

Typhoon RAMMASUN / Glenda 0

Typhoon RAMMASUN/Glenda clear eye

Typhoon RAMMASUN/Glenda is in the Gulf of Albay and shows a clear eye. The typhoon is now moving towards Legazpi City. Landfall will happen within minutes between Legazpi City and Santo Domingo.    

Typhoon RAMMASUN / Glenda 0

Strong winds and grey sky

Typhoon RAMMASUN/Glenda amplifies Habagat monsoon in the southern islands. In Camiguin we have strong winds and high waves. The beach in Agoho is changing the shore line dramatically.  The general situation.  The center of Typhoon RAMMASUN/Glenda...

Typhoon RAMMASUN / Glenda 0

Typhoon RAMMASUN / Glenda update

Typhoon RAMMASUN / Glenda update 08:00 on July 15, 2014. The typhoon got stronger last night but slowed down its forward movement to 20 km/h. It is still running straight westwards. Forecasts expect that Typhoon...

Typhoon Rammasun / Glenda 0

Tropical Storm RAMMASUN / Glenda

Tropical Storm RAMMASUN has entered PAR and got the Filipino name “Glenda”. Tropical Storm RAMMASUN/Glenda is a “straight runner” and has maintained its westward track.  The landfall will be much more south in the Bicol...

Tropical Storm RAMMASUN 0

Tropical Storm RAMMASUN approaches

Tropical Storm RAMMASUN continues on its straight western track. The storm has maintained its strength and tonight will enter PAR (the Philippine’s Area of Responsibility). Forecasts predict that the track will slightly bend from straight...

Weather 2013-08-21 at 08:00 0

Typhoon TRAMI / Maring out of PAR now

Typhoon TRAMI / Maring has again intensified last night and has been upgraded to a Category 1 Typhoon. The storm has left the Philippines Area of Responsibility (PAR) this morning at a forward speed of...

Typhoon UTOR / Labuyo 2013-08-10 0

Storm UTOR / Labuyo is now a Typhoon Cat.1

Typhoon  UTOR / Labuyo has intensified all over the day and is now a Typhoon Category 1. It is running westwards at a speed of 26 km/h. The typhoon is expected to hit Luzon tomorrow....

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