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Manila Airport (NAIA) open again 0

Manila Airport (NAIA) open again by 12:30 PST (UTC+8)

Manila Airport (NAIA) open again. At 12:30 PST the first flight PR318 took off. A few minutes later Pal flight PR685 landed. The opening had been expected. On Flightradar24 one could see several planes circling in holding patterns off runway 06. Two PAL flights from Dubai and Doha headed directly to Manila overflying Clark.

NAIA-3 ISO9001 certified 1

Good news from NAIA

NAIA, Manila’s Ninoy Aquino International Airport, very often gets a bad press. But the guys at the airport try to do a good job. And sometimes they even are successful. We arrived last Saturday...

Manila-Smog 0

Heavy fog (smog) over Manila

Last night and early this morning Manila had been in a thick fog causing limited visibility and cool weather in the metropolis, and delayed local and domestic flights while grounding light aircraft. The heavy fog...

Where were all the taxis? 0

Where were all the taxis?

When arriving in Manila’s NAIA airport you usually do not have to wait for a taxi. There are always plenty of them at the airport.  But what happened today? Arriving passengers did queue up...

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