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Manila Airport (NAIA) open again 0

Manila Airport (NAIA) open again by 12:30 PST (UTC+8)

Manila Airport (NAIA) open again. At 12:30 PST the first flight PR318 took off. A few minutes later Pal flight PR685 landed. The opening had been expected. On Flightradar24 one could see several planes circling in holding patterns off runway 06. Two PAL flights from Dubai and Doha headed directly to Manila overflying Clark.

Taal Volcano Boooom! 0

Taal Volcano Booooom! Philippines’ lowest Volcano cooks

Taal Volcano experienced a phreatic eruption around 1 PM on Sunday January 12th, 2020. This phreatic explosion generated a plume approximately 100 meters high. Depending of the witness’ position the steam/ash cloud looks dramatic....

Phreatic Explosion Bulusan Volcano 2016-06-10 0

Phreatic Explosion on Bulusan Volcano

A Phreatic Explosion happened on Bulusan Volcano at 11:35 a.m. on June 10. Mount Bulusan in Sorsogon province spewed ashes 2000 meters high. The explosion lasted about five minutes. UPDATE: On June 19 another Phreatic Explosion happened on...

Kanlaon Volcano 0

Kanlaon Volcano – Two Eruptions with ash fall

Two minor eruption events occurred at Kanlaon Volcano  at around 6:20 PM and 7:18 PM of 29 March 2016.   The eruptions lasted around 12 minutes and 25 seconds, respectively, based on visual observation and seismic recording....


Bulusan volcano is nervous – PHIVOLCS is investigating

Bulusan volcano is nervous – A team from the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (PHIVOLCS) central office will be in Sorsogon province this week to conduct a survey of Mt. Bulusan’s edifice, after another...

Bulusan Volcano, Sorsogon 0

Bulusan Volcano getting nervous

Bulusan Volcano’s Alert Level has been raised to 1. Yesterday (May 6, 2015), Bulusan Volcano in Sorsogon Province generated a steam-driven explosion from a vent on its northwest upper slopes that propelled an ash...

Mayon Beauty 0

Mayon Volcano Alert Level 2

Mayon Volcano Alert Level has been lowered to Level 2. PHIVOLCS noted a “general decline” of the volcano’s overall activity since the last recorded seismic swarm last November 29. PHIVOLCS maintain their warning to the public to...

Mayon Volcano 2014-10-19 0

Mayon Volcano – New Lava Flow

Mayon Volcano – After one week, a new lava flow was observed at restive Mayon Volcano this morning.  The lava flow was observed short after 6 a.m.this morning. It might be longer than the 350 meters flow of...

Mayon 2014-11-08 0

Mayon Volcano – Lava flow

Mayon Volcano today had a lava flow. During the last weeks the volcano was rather quiet, but this morning, the volcanologists spotted a lava flow of about 350 meters from the summit. Photos courtesy of  Joey...

Mayon from Naga 0

Mayon Volcano is highly active

Mayon Volcano is highly active. This morning’s report from PHIVOLCS indicates a steady increase of activity. Mayon Volcano’s alert status is on Level 3. Mayon Volcano (extreme right) seen early in the morning from Naga City Mayon Volcano’s...

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