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Airports: Expect longer queues at security checks 0

Airports: Expect longer queues at security checks

Following the bombing at the Boston Marathon last Monday authorities have tightened security at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminals and other international airports in the country. Especially at the NAIA Terminal 1, passenger queues...

DoTC has big projects 1

DoTC has big projects

Last Monday the  DoTC (the  Department of Transportation and Communications ) published their list of priority projects. Somehow it sounds like a big bang. Transportation Secretary Mar Roxas presented these projects in a briefing...

The Google Paradox 0

The Google Paradox

This morning we got a feedback from a traveller: ” Thanks to all involved who wrote the NAIA airport guides. Using the information provided, we passed the arrival, transfer and departure without problems! Never...

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