Hotel Booking Scam – WARNING: Do not use

Hotel Booking Scam -

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  1. Hotels, resorts and guests will be protected from scammers if the business put Click-to-Talk button on their website so that prospects can verify them immediately – free call from anywhere. Rgds Renee.

  2. Ron Fenton says:

    I live in a rural market and we have straightforward honest dealings such as hotel bookings at respectful hotels.. Last night I had to make a rather quick reservation at Best Western in Globe. I looked at the google search adn saw amention and picture of Best Western. I made arrangements and indeed my room was available, the booking was there. I soon found out I was charged $45.00 “tax recovery fee” for a $118.00 hotel booking. This is excessive is it not? I also need a regular hotel itemized receipt and they do not supply this. My company is a big health organization and they will not accept a “confirmation” document. I lost 150.00 dollars for using last night.

    • waebi says:

      Feeling sorry for you.
      This is an extreme scam protected by US laws. These websites are hidden by Cloudeflare and domain registrars.
      To get the name and address of the company that owns these websites, you have to file a complaint at a court in the USA.
      This is almost impossible for individuals living outside the USA.
      Maybe you inform Best Western’s customer service. Maybe their legal department will follow your case.
      You also may refer to my article.
      Cheers, waebi

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