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Philippine Zombies 2

The Real Philippine Zombies

The small community of Agoho on Camiguin island has a bone shattering experience for you: REAL ZOMBIES! This experience is available all year, but tomorrow night you may really loose consciousness in the  middle of a grave yard.


Mangroves – Camiguin shows you how to do

Mangroves protect Camiguin’s coast and provide us with clean air. One might accuse Camiguin’s government for the ongoing concrete madness and the diesel power plant, but coast protection is not just a word for them,...

Camiguin, not Boracay 1

Not Boracay – this is Camiguin, the real thing

This is Camiguin! The little island in the southern Bohol Sea is slowly but steadily developing. While Boracay suffers from mass tourism, Camiguin attracts people who like the real things.  Camiguin for kite boarders The white...


CAMTECO – no Internet for 4 days already

CAMTECO is the local telephone and internet service provider of Camiguin island. Their interpretation of the word “broadband” is very strange. And now we do not have access to the internet already for 4...

Camiguin Gecko 0

Camiguin Geckos – becoming an adult

Around our house in Camiguin live several geckos. They love to hide behind the bamboo during the day. In the evening they come out of there hideaways to hunt their prey and much more....

Camiguin Hawk Owl 0

Camiguin Hawk Owl (re)discovered

Indigenous people of Camiguin living in the forests know the rather small Hawk Owl well. But it took 15 years to confirm the existence of the 2 subspecies of the Ninox hawk-owls. This is...

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