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Apocalypse Now 0

Apocalypse Now? – Not yet, but Next Winter for sure!

Reactivate the former jungle path from Mainit to the Tuasan falls and make it accessible for wheel chairs. The Mount Timpoong park will still be accessible from Mambajao. Then again you will hear “The humming and drumming getting louder as you approach—it’s the music of the Tuasan Waterfalls”. It will again be the original tune!

Philippine Cockatoos - Katala 0

Seven Philippine Cockatoos freed in Dumaran Island

Seven Philippine Cockatoos (Katala) have been freed in Dumaran Island on January 27. Philippine Cockatoos Seven Philippine Cockatoos or Katala as locally called were released back in the wild in Dumaran Island, Palawan. Five...


Mangroves – Camiguin shows you how to do

Mangroves protect Camiguin’s coast and provide us with clean air. One might accuse Camiguin’s government for the ongoing concrete madness and the diesel power plant, but coast protection is not just a word for them,...

Camiguin, not Boracay 1

Not Boracay – this is Camiguin, the real thing

This is Camiguin! The little island in the southern Bohol Sea is slowly but steadily developing. While Boracay suffers from mass tourism, Camiguin attracts people who like the real things.  Camiguin for kite boarders The white...


The Sunbirds are back again

The Sunbirds come always back to our garden in Camiguin. Usually mid to end of February the adults fill the air with their songs. Then they start to build the astonishing nests. The olive-backed sunbird...