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Flight cancellations 0

Flight cancellations

The Department of Transportation and Communication in its twitter page, announced the cancellation of the following: Cebu Pacific 5J-907 MNL-Caticlan 5J-563 MNL-Cebu 5J-564 Cebu-MNL SeaAir DG-7002 MNL-Cebu DG-7003 Cebu-MNL DG-7082 MNL Bacolod DG-7083 Bacolod-MNL...

NAIA Delay 2

Plan enough reserves

Yesterday we wrote about the air-traffic congestion in manila’s NAIA airport (see here). This morning we got another complaint: Hi There, Kindly assist. Our Cebu Pacific Flight 5J – 392 domestic flight CGY-MNL was delayed...


The Philippines TRACON disaster

Above the clouds freedom seems to be without limits. Maybe! May, Reinhard May! But below the clouds and inside the clouds, there is traffic around Manila’s airport as you find it on EDSA at...

Do you fly naked? 2

Do you fly naked?

  You do not pay what they offer! You pay much more! Today we booked a flight for a friend. Cebu Pacific Air offered the flight from Cacayan de oro to Manila for PHP...

New terminal fees in Cebu Mactan 0

New terminal fees in Cebu Mactan

This November 1, the airport authority of Cebu Mactan (CEB) has introduced new terminal fees. International departure: 550 PHP Domestic departure: 200 PHP Thanks to Ron for this update. More about fees and taxes...

NAIA Terminal 3 is operational 0

NAIA Terminal 3 is operational

On July 1 Cebu Pacific Air moved parts of its operations to NAIA Terminal 3. It seems that this had been a test run. Now Cebu Pacific Air announces that they move their entire...

Cebu Pacific price increase 0

Cebu Pacific price increase

Cebu Pacific Air informs that since July 1, 2008 the excess baggage fee has doubled from PHP 50 to PHP 100 per kilogram. We do not yet have information about the other airlines.

Again Cebu Pacific Air 0

Again Cebu Pacific Air

Again Cebu-Pacific Air – The real Pinoy Airline – The story about Philip Today I had to travel from Kalibo (KLO) to Cagayan de Oro (CGY). There are no direct flights (why not?), so...

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