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Bicol Express : Tech-Movie 0

Bicol Express : Tech-Movie

Bicol Express : Tech-Movie needed much more time to be published. Sorry for the delay and thank you for waiting. Last year in November I published the first movie: Bicol Express – The Movie. In the...

Bicol Express -PNR-2016-03-07 0

Bicol Express – Bridge heavily damaged

The famous Bicol Express is now interrupted in two spots. After a landslide heavily damaged the tracks in Quezon late 2012, a flashflood heavily damaged a bridge near Ragay, Camarines Sur. A section of...

Philippine National Railway 8

Bicol Express – The Movie

Bicol Express – someones get hungry and others get nostalgic. PNR, the Philippine National Railways on September 19, 2005 has reopened a section of the famous Bicol Express between Naga CIty and Legazpi City in...

Bullet-Train 0

How soon is soon?

As if Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC) had read my yesterday’s blog entry they announced that the country will soon have its first bullet train. The plan for the bullet train is to construct the...

India - Bangalore Express 3

Philippines Trains and Railways

When we speak with friends about trains in the Philippines, they look at us as if we told them a story out of 1001 nights. Do trains really exist in the Philippines? Yes, they...

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