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Pook Ecological Tourism Development Project 0

White Elephants and Black Holes

Last Thursday we wrote about the crippled airport project in Laguindingan. Today our friends in Panay found another outstanding project near Kalibo, the  “Pook Ecological Tourism Development Project“. Hundred thousands of tourists land every year...

Bad Roads in Panay 0

Bad Roads in Panay

I just took a bus from Tangalan to Iloilo. The roads in central Panay are in an awful state.  The bus needed some 5 hours. (OK, we stopped in Kalibo, because the crew was...

Lawnmower got a baby 0

Lawnmower got a baby

The lawnmower of Ernst & Silvia Richner got a baby. Ernst and Silvia are the owners of the DUMATAD TROPIC RESORT. For years now they use an ecological lawnmower instead of a noisy and...

4 new pages about Panay Island 0

4 new pages about Panay Island

We are pleased to inform you that there are 4 new tourism pages on our website: – Boracay Island  – Mararison Island – Lezo, the potters village – Panay Island Roundtrip Happy reading and...

The Jawili Falls in Aklan, Panay 0

The Jawili Falls in Aklan, Panay

The Jawili Falls in Brgy. Jawili, Tangalan are composed of 7 basins. They invite to jump in the clear and fresh water. The Jawili Falls have always water. During the wet season, the view...

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