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Silent Gardens want to help people coming in and going out of the Philippines. OK, we like much more those who are visiting the country but with the current economy, we also have to help OFWs lost in the administration maze.

This is the reason why we offer an inquiry and feedback form an almost all pages. While we fight against Chnese and Russian spammers, real people also make problems.

Today we got 10 inquiries. 8 of them we could answer without problems. But two of them were either creative or did not manage their typing.

The first had a strange FROM address: anthony, This address needed several attempts and modifications to reach the addressee. Anthony, we hope you got our answer.

The second: re-bounced also. We couldn’t reach her. Sorry for her and some lost time for us.

Silent Gardens does not keep the e-mail addresses of people sending inquiries or comments. We delete them after having sent an answer.

Why? We hate spammers!

Please: Before sending us an inquiry or a comment, check your e-mail address.

Thank you very much.  😆


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