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Mt.Pinatubo 0

Dangerous Craters and Crater-Lakes

ABS-CBN reported he death of a swimmer in Mt. Pinatubo’s crater lake last Wednesday. The Department of Tourism (DOT)  issued yesterday a warning that the lake has been found to contain “hazardous substances.” Photo courtesy...

Hibok-Hibok historic 0

Historic picture of Hibok-Hibok Volcano ?

Today we got a historic picture of “young” Hibok-Hibok volcano or is it Mount Vulcan? “Young” means geologically young. We are still a bit troubled because the drawing seems to show Hibok-Hibok volcano from...

Mayon is definitely a “she”! 0

Mayon is definitely a “she”!

Volcanoes do have a sex. Grumbling Mount Hibok-Hibok is rather male. Looking always with his white and gray beard over Camiguin Island. But Mayon is definitely a female. She is nearly always hiding her...

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