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Big Eye Super Typhoon Jelawat Lawin 0

Incredible Super-Typhoon “JELAWAT / Lawin”

Super-Typhoon “JELAWAT / Lawin”  is now moving Northwest at 13 km/h. It Today it will move east of the Batanes Islands towards Taiwan. The typhoon has developed an incredibly big eye: 24 hours forecast:...

Weather 2012-09-24 PAGASA 0

Typhoon “JELAWAT / Lawin” upgraded to SUPER TYPHOON !

Typhoon  “JELAWAT / Lawin” has been upgraded to a Super-Typhoon Category 4. “JELAWAT / Lawin” is still slowly moving North at 7 km/h. CAUTION: The Japan Meteorological Agency warns of a very violent typhoon within...

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Tropical Storm “JELAWAT / Lawin” approching the Philippines

Tropical Storm  “JELAWAT / Lawin” has intensified. The outer rainbands already touch the eastern Philippine islands. “JELAWAT / Lawin” is now slowly moving West at 6 to 9 km/h, heading towards Borongan, Eastern Samar . 24 hours forecast:...

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