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Tropical Storm 27W (pre Sendong) is aproaching

The Tropical Depression 27W has been upgraded to Tropical Storm . Once it will be inside PAR* it will be given the name Sendong). * PAR = Philippines Area of Responsibility The US Navy...

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Tropical Depression 27W approaching

Tropical Depression 27W is approaching. Tropical Depression 27W moves unusually low-south and directs to northern Minadanao and Surigao. Several agencies forecast a Typhoon Cat. 1 passing over Surigao, Bohol and western Negros and western...

Philippines Weather 2011-12-07 0

Rainy days ahead in the Philippines

It is winter time! While Amihan (the north-east monsoon) cools down Luzon and makes wind-surfers and kite-boarders happy in Boracay, the rest of the Philippines gets warm and humid air from east. The “Easterlies”...

Weather-2011-11-14 0

Nasty weather ahead

The Tropical Disturbance LPA 91W has reached the Philippines. As the disturbance moves very slowly north-westwards it will bring rain in the Visayas until Wednesday. 26°C with 87% humidity feel cold. Brrrrrrrrr… The current...

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