2012 Typhoon Season

2012 Northwest Pacific Typhoon Season (click to enlarge)

Until October 24 all typhoons passed by but did not hit the Philippines. Among these passers-by were 3 super typhoons: GUCHOL/Butchoy in June, SANBA/Karen and JELAWAT/Lawin in September.

Then came 3 killer typhoons: SON-TINH/Ofel on October 24, BOPHA/Pablo on December 3 and finally the tropical storm WUKONG/Quinta on December 26. They all hit the Philippines and caused fatalities.

BOPHA/Pablo was the most powerful typhoon to hit Mindanao in decades.  BOPHA/Pablo was deadlier than Tropical Storm WASHI/Sendong which killed 1,268 people a year ago. But its toll still remains far below that of Tropical Storm THELMA/Uring, the country’s most lethal storm on record that left more than 5,000 people dead in 1991.

You can find information on all 2012 typhoons hereLink

Below is a map with all storms in the North-West Pacific in 2012.

2012 Northwest Pacific Typhoon Season (click to enlarge)Map courtesy of wikipedia

Also in 2013 we continue to monitor the storms around the Philiipines.
They will be here

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