Facebook – Goodbye, probably for ever. I do not trust you.

Facebook - Goodbye

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  1. Chris McCulloch says:

    Before you delete, might I suggest going to your settings and downloading a copy of the information they hold on you?
    I did this last year and it turned out that they had a record of phone calls and messages, they get this info from installing messenger, which surprise surprise you have to install if you’re on a phone and can’t work out how to use desktop mode in the browser, messenger was installed on mine without my consent and in the few minutes it took me to uninstall, they already had all that info.

    Not everyone will have this same level of intrusion but it’s always worth checking just in case, the strange thing is, it only showed a few months worth of data, there is much much more they don’t show and that’s what worries me.

    • waebi says:

      Hello Chris,
      Thanks for your feedback.
      I didn’t decide to delete my fb account in one day.
      I first read tons of information. Then I informed my real friends on how they can contact me on many other channels.
      During 6 days I did download my data (some 270 MB!). That’s the visible part of the iceberg.
      I am in IT business since 1984. I only trust the machine I manage myself.
      During the last days I have set up some monitoring of my servers and peripheral equipment.
      I wonder how fb will behave.

      Now it is done.
      While menacing to block me tomorrow, fb allows me now to come back until April 9.

      And yes. I am absolutely sure that my data won’t be deleted from the fb database.
      It will just be earmarked as “persona non grata”.

      Cheers, waebi

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