The Ferry is ready – Tomorrow Camiguin Fast Cat becomes true

FastCat Camiguin

Camiguin Fast Cat route to be inaugurated tomorrow.

After sunset this evening the Fast Cat ferry plying the route Jagna (Bohol) – Balbagon (Camiguin) – Opol (Misamis Oriental, Mindano) arrived in the port of Jagna. Camiguin’s hope for a replacement of the long ago gone Paras Seacat and competitor’s Oceanjet will become true tomorrow afternoon.

“Our” FastCat sweeps into the port of Jagna (Bohol). Feeling happy to meet you tomorrow

Current schedule might be listed below. But be careful, it is PST, Philippine Standard Time. 😀

New Ferry Route Camiguin

Negotiations are ongoing whether the 6 hours lay-over in Jagna could be moved to Balbagon or Opol. Unfortunately neither Balbagon nor Opol do have the needed infrastructure. Such a ferry needs to fuel up, to replenish with fresh water and to get rid of waste, waste water and bilge liquids. This is a though infrastructure task.

The Camiguin Fast Cat

After the Chinese 2Go acquisition, the FastCat operation is the biggest expansion of ferry and combined bus networks in the Philippines. We have not yet analyzed the ownership of Archipelago Philippines Ferries Corporation. But they expand at a very high speed and create partnerships ferry-bus. You now can cruise trough the Visayas and northern Mindanao using FastCat and bus lines of Philtranco as well as Jam Transit. Read more information about the FastCat history. Tomorrow – if I have Internet access.

FastCat Camiguin

Come to Balbagon port tomorrow afternoon around 2:30 p.m. to celebrate this new ferry line arriving at our remote island.

Meteo News: The LPA (Low Pressure Are) on our east side is still to far away to disturb tomorrow’s welcome party.

Note to me: Update Philippine Ferry Database.


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