Nara, the new programmer at Silent Gardens

Nara Caligdong a skilled programmer

A week ago, Nara Caligdong, joined the Silent Gardens team.

Nara holds a bachelor in computer programming from STI in Kalibo, Panay. Nara is not yet a web-designer, but a very good back-end programmer. She will develop the database-logic behind the dynamic pages of our website.

Nara will stay during 4 weeks in our Camiguin office to learn and integrate our methods. Afterwards she will return to Dumatad in Aklan provine on Panay island. From her home base she will update our Panay and Boracay pages and improve the database quality and speed.

This is Nara, hacking on her computer on the veranda of our office.

 Nara Caligdong a skilled programmer

The whole Silent Gardens team wishes good progression to Nara. Thump up 

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