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Rate resorts, hotels and restaurants

Yesterday we informed you that Nara Caligdong has joined our team (see here). Together with Nara, our team developed an entirely new Camiguin Resort, Hotel and Restaurant Guide. 

There are 3 brand-new features: 

Rate resorts, hotels and restaurants 
Three new buttons for each resort. The average ratings can be found in the resort’s header. 

1. Visitors of this guide now can find  all hotels resorts and restaurants on a pop-up map. The locations are very accurately indicated. 

Find resorts, hotels and restaurants Find resorts, hotels and restaurants
Overview: Where is the resort? Detail: What is the situation?

 2. If you have stayed in one of the resorts or hotels, or if you had lunch or dinner in one of the restaurants, then you can rate them and leave also your comments. The average ratings are then indicated in the header line of all resorts and restaurants.

 Rate the resort or hotel
Each visitor can rate the hotel, resort or restaurant only once per year.

3. Before you choose your hotel or restaurant you can read the ratings at a glance and pop-up the comments of other guests.

Comments of resorts or hotels
Read what other guests wrote about a resort or hotel. Comments are anonymous.

This new feature will be expanded to the other islands and provinces. If you own or manage a hotel, a resort or a restaurant, send us your information. Upon approval  of our team, we then will insert it into the corresponding page of the respective island.

 And now visit the real Camiguin Resort, Hotel and Restaurant Guide!Link 

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