Aircraft Incident in Puerto Princesa

We know, it’s not hot news. The incident happened Tuesday this week. We did wait for a first serious analysis of the aircraft incident in Puerto Princesa.

On Tuesday evening at 6:30 PM a 5J A320 touched the wings of a Z2 A320 in PPS. In common language this means an Airbus A320 of Cebu Pacific Air touched another Airbus A320 of Zest Air in Puerto Princesa.

The Zest Air Airbus had been parked when the outer end of the wing of  the Cebu Pacific Air aircraft touched the wing tip when pushing back from the terminal. 

According to our information, both airlines acted professionally and either got a replacement aircraft to bring their passengers to Manila or offered them  a hotel in Puerto Princesa.

The problem is again CAAP!  

It had been known to airmen, although there had been no NOTAM, that the ground markers in Puerto Princesa were wrong. These outdated markers were too narrow for two airbus A320. The result: Two scratched wingtips!  

Now (today at 09:30 AM) a NOTAM had been issued:

B0539/12 NOTAMN
Q) RPHI/QMNLT/IV/NBO/A /000/999/0945N11846E005
B) 1204120928
C) 1204242100 


CREATED: 12 Apr 2012 09:30:00

[Editor’s comment:] This had been a minor incident. But unlike a car, where you can drive on the curbside and investigate and repair your little problem, an airborne aircraft can’t stop and repair. CEB and ZEST crews did a good job and did not fly, but again CAAP is questioned.

CAAP shouldn’t be a regulatory agency and and an airport authority and an air sari-sari store. CAAP’s only job is airspace, aircraft and airport security!   

Our new team-member, Nara Caligdong is programming a new application that allows to track Philippine’s airport services and safety. You may see her result in a few days. 

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1 Response

  1. Dodong says:

    What is the reason that nobody in Pnoy’s Government takes action on CAAP? The country is now 5 years in the FAA Cat. 2 list, 4 years listed with the ICAO with a Significant Safety Concern and 2 years on the EU blacklist. Isn’t that long enough? Can nobody tell the guys in CAAP: Ship-out and Pnoy hires a team of professionals with international experience and sorts out the mess. When will this day come?

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