Politics – it’s more fun in the Philippines

Imelda - Don't cry for me Pilipinas

Politics is usually not commented in this blog. But today I have to make an exception because I had several hearty laughs this morning when I scanned national press. I won’t name anyone because everybody knows them.

  1. Why do politicians fell immediately sick when prosecutors are closing in? This method to escape prosecution and sentence had already started many years ago. Do you remember? Read here and here.
  2. Even sentenced and convicted politicians can return to high ranking positions – at least in Manila.  Read here.
  3. Argentina’s former first lady María Eva Duarte de Perón had her musical – “Evita“, and now a former Philippines first lady will also have one … Don’t cry for me Pilipinas – haha.Imelda - Don't cry for me Pilipinas
    “Imelda” – image released by The O and M Co.
  4. The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) offers students staying in dormitories and boarding houses in Manila the chance to earn extra cash by just submitting the receipts, or invoices issued by the owners of these dwelling units. Goal: Catch tax evaders among the landlords. 
  5. San Miguel keeps brewing beer and does not start running airports. This might be better – imagine the way you fly when the pilot had a beer too muchRead here.

Have a nice weekend. Tropical storm 09W is still far out in the Pacific, near Guam.


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