A Saturday morning dive – CANON PowerShot G-12

A Saturday morning dive

Yesterday I published some pictures of our Saturday underwater stroll. I got very motivating feedback and you asked lots of questions.

You asked me about my equipment. It’s a CANON PowerShot G-12. Unfortunately Canon discontinued the production of this wonderful camera. Allow me to tell you a short story.
I started in the late 1960’s with a Minolta SRT-101. This camera survived my wild years. Even one year of sands in the Sahara couldn’t destroy this mechanical wonder. In early 2000 I switched to the Canon series of digital cameras. I kept my Minolta lenses and still use them sometimes on my SONY Alpha. But my favorite camera is the CANON PowerShot G-12.

Early this year my CANON PowerShot G-12 stopped working with a “LENS ERROR” 😥 . This is a very common problem of this camera. I inquired for repair possibilities. In the Philippines it is simply impossible. One can send the camera to a repair center in Malaysia or Japan, but everybody on the Internet says that it is more expensive than a new camera.

I then had a look on auction platforms and found 2 offers on “ricardo.ch”. As an auction newbie I missed the first auction. But the second one I got!  😀 It had not only been the camera but also an underwater housing. Here it is, my new equipment:

Canon Powershot G12 Canon Powershot G12 You may click on the pictures to enlarge.

Let’s dive again

Yesterday I didn’t publish all the funny pictures I shot during our stroll. Too many pictures might have been to much. Here you find some more of yesterday’s shots. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

A Saturday morning dive

This is our garden. It is composed of lava rocks in the sandy beach just outside of our hibiscus garden. We only have to swim out about 80 meters and then dive to 4 – 6 metes. Most of the corals have newly settled after having been destroyed by heavy sand movements.

A Saturday morning dive A Saturday morning dive

You may remember this cuttlefish from yesterday’s collection. I just add the portrait picture.

A Saturday morning dive


A Saturday morning dive
A shrimp with antennas.

A Saturday morning dive

This shot had been funny. Both of us – the fish and me – laid in the sand and watched each other. These are wonderful moments where you forget the world around you.

A Saturday morning dive
I do not know this one. Can you name this beautiful creature?

 A Saturday morning dive

This guy played a lot of jokes with me until I could catch him with my lens.

The equipment is rinsed and stowed in a cool place. Now I am charging the battery of the camera. Waiting for the next stroll. Are you ready Arno?


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3 Responses

  1. Arno says:

    The second last is a feather star, the last one a dwarf lionfish (or shortfin lionfish).
    The one before the close-up of the narrow-lined pufferfish is a banded coral shrimp.

    Great pics 🙂

  2. Arno says:

    The last one is a dwarf lionfish (or shortfin lionfish). Above that is a feather star. Then the narrow-lined pufferfish and above that one the banded coral shrimp.

    And yes, I’m totally ready! 🙂

  3. Juerg Weber says:

    Congrats – Super Fotos!!
    Still in Switzerland, enjoying the “Altweiber-Sommer”, your impressive pics make us look forward to transfer to a warmer climate 🙂

    Bing & Juerg

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