Sea Turtle Photo-Bomb

Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle Photo-Bomb – Diovani De Jesus writes: 

We were posing for a group photo at Apo Island when this sea turtle surfaced to breathe and photo-bombed! This shallow area in Apo Island, Negros Oriental, Philippines is a feeding ground for sea turtles. Just like what my friend Genesis said, this is a reminder that humans and creatures like this gentle pawikan can co-exist.

Sea turtle photo-bomb

Diovani De Jesus’ blog “adventures ni kulot” is full of surprises all over the Philippine islands. Silent Gardens recommends to read this blog.

Sea turtles can also easily be observed on White Island and Mantigue in Camiguin. Snorkelers need a bit more patience to meet one of these beautiful creatures than divers do. When diving, we encounter turtles almost every time we are under water. And even on shore you may enjoy such an encounter. It happened to me one night in spring 2008 on the beach in barrio Bolok-Bolok.

Sea Turtle

All photos are courtesy and copyrighted by Diovani De Jesus’ blog “adventures ni kulot


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