Silent Gardens V2 in Beta Test

Beta Test

Silent Gardens ( in its present form is now 6 years old. Technology has much changed since 2007. It is time to adapt our website.

In 2007 one of the biggest problems for webmasters and developers were the different web-browsers. Mozilla’s Firefox had been the only browser 100% conform to the W3C recommendations. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer had been the worst case. So, we first had to check which browser you use and then inject the correct CSS code.

Today, all browsers respect most of the W3C recommendations, some small deviations still exist. Today’s challenge are the different screen sizes and screen formats. People browse the World Wide Web with small screens of cellphones and smartphones, but they also browse the Web with giant screens with extremely high resolutions. We try to follow this development by implementing a flexible layout.

Beta Test

The new version of Silent Gardens is now undergoing beta tests. We have already moved 13 pages (out of several hundreds) to the new format. Now we would like to ask you to help us. 

Please go to the “Beta Test Site Link“, have a quick look and tell us about your first impression.
If you have a bit more time, then please browse through the existing pages and inform us about errors, bugs and typos. Please do not forget to inform us about your browser and if possible your screen size. Bow Thank you very much.

Here is a first impression of the new version:

Silent Gardens V2 Beta

For our team it would be much easier to make corrections only on the template and the 13 existing pages, than overhaul hundreds of pages in a later moment. Thank you guys.

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