Flying Geckos in Camiguin

Flying Geckos before Take-off

The Camiguin Action Geckos Link are now flying.

Today our friends and neighbors discovered again the 3rd dimension. Usually they can be found (-3D) below sea-level but today they were flying (+3D) many feet above sea-level.
The crew of the best known resort in Camiguin had a trip to the new zip-line over the Taguines lagoon in Benoni.

Flying Geckos before Take-off
The Action Geckos: Last check before take-off

Fly Gecko, fly ... 
Only in Camiguin – Flying Geckos – Action Geckos!

It’s more fun in Camiguin – with the Action Geckos, of course! Link

Both photos are courtesy of Camiguin Action Geckos.

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