Smartphone in the bowl?


Not everybody can afford the newest toilet bowl:


But about every 5th user of a smartphone has already dropped his beloved gadget in the toilet bowl. Here you find an advice how you may save your smartphone once it had dived:


Smartphone in the bowl

Funny, rice is available anywhere in the Philippines at 20 to 40 pesos a kilogram. You only need some 50 grams to dry your phone. You may even re-use the plastic bag. 
Recycling  is more fun in the Philippines.

And yes, it already happened to me with a Samsung IIIs. But I did not drop it in the bowl but had it in my shorts when swimming in the sea. Salty, isn’t it?

I just got out SIM and battery. Washed the whole thing in fresh water and then sun-dried it. It still works … Cool

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