BOPHA is now a Typhoon Category 4


Typhoon BOPHA is now really menacing the Philippines. It had recently been upgraded to  a Typhoon of category 4. It is expected to become a Super Typhoon tomorrow, Sunday, December 2. It will hit the Philippines on Monday or Tuesday.

Silent Gardens strongly recommends people in northern Mindanao, Camiguin, Bohol, Western Negros and Western Cebu to be prepared for a strong typhoon. More information will follow tomorrow.

PAGASA as usual waits with their warnings. Their warning might again be too late. Hair

We bought, tested and installed a generator.
We recommend to safe your families and your goods. 

We recommend to prepare now! Monday it might be too late.


The multi-agency forecast has narrowed and points now to northern Mindanao and Samar.


JMA say that the strom will hit Surigao.

Storm data:

Name (INTL. / local): BOPHA
Class: Typhoon Category 4
Time/Date of observation: 05:00 PM on December 01, 2012
Location of Center: 5.3º North 140.5º East
Moving Direction and Speed: WNW @ 19 km/h = 11.8 mph
Moving towards: Palau
Distance from the Philippines:  1,590 km Mati City
Estimated Date / Time of Landfall: ~ 07:00 AM on December 4, 2012
Max. Wind Speed near Center: 215 km/h = 133 mph
Peak Wind Gusts: 260km/h = 161 mph
Minimum Central Pressure: 937 hPa
Diameter: 720 km =447 mi
24h Rainfall near Center: 455 mm = 18 in
Max. Wave Height: 12 m = 40 ft
Here you find how to read and understand this data Link

PAGASA warnings and signals:

Signal 1
30-60 km/h
Signal 2
60-100 km/h
Signal 3
100-185 km/h
Signal 4
above 185 km/h
n/a n/a n/a n/a
Here you find you find more information about the storm warning signals Link

 Current weather is here Link

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